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Hurkmans ET Donorstation

Hurkmans ET has the facility to accommodate (donor)heifers from the age of 10 months and donorcows. The donors will be housed in a new freestable. Besides this the animals can walk out on to the meadows.

Hurkmans ET

Only animals free of IBR/BVD and Leptospirosis will be accepted to be housed. Embryoproduction takes place according to the EU certified protocol and the embryos are stored in our EU certified facility. On request it's possible to export the embryos worldwide.

Hurkmans ET offers you complete service concerning embryoproduction like: donorselection, superovulation, AI, flushing, OPU/IVP, freezing of embryos, transfer of (fresh) embryos into our recipient herds, bloodtests, healthpapers, export of embryos worldwide and shipping etc.

We ask a fixed rate (per day) for housing, care and activities and in addition to this we charge extra for each produced embryo. Activities and accommodation take place at the owner's risk.

For our tarrifs see our pricelist